实用贴|出入肯尼亚机场等口岸应遵守的法律法规 (中/英文对照)

本文为大家整理了一些肯尼亚共和国关于外国人在机场和其他港口出入境管理的规定,有需要的可以收藏起来啦!Regulations of the Republic of Kenya on Administration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners at Airports and Other Ports...

实用贴|出入肯尼亚机场等口岸应遵守的法律法规 (中/英文对照)


Regulations of the Republic of Kenya onAdministration of the Entry and Exit of Foreigners at Airports and Other Ports


(一)体温测试 Temperature Check


All passengers arriving at Kenya,regardless of their air flights, will be given a body temperature check byPublic Health Officers at airports. If a passenger's temperature is above 37.2degrees Celsius, relevant forms must be filled in (It is compulsory forarriving passengers taking Ethiopian or Rwanda air flights and for those whocome from relevant African countries).


Questions that might be inquired:


  Please stand in the yellow pane to have your temperature taken, oneperson  a time.


Your body temperature has exceeded thestandard. Please fill out relevant formes at the table nearby.


Vaccination Certificate Inspection


Public Health officers will checkinternational arriving travelers' Certificate of Yellow Fever Vaccination, theso-called "Yellow Book".

(One should be vaccinated at least 10 daysbefore travelling to Kenya as the vaccination will only become valid then. Makesure that the vaccination is valid when one arrives at Kenya, otherwise thetraveler will be regarded as traveling without vaccination.)


Questions that might be inquired:


Please show your valid Yellow FeverVaccination Certificate.


Your Certificate of Yellow FeverVaccination has not become valid yet. Please

follow me to the office nearby to takefurther inquiries.

(三)查验签证  Visa Inspection


Chinese nationals, who are valid Diplomaticor Service (official) Passport holders, will be exempted from visa for entryinto Kenya. Others are required to obtain a valid visa according to theAgreement between the Government of the People's Republic of China and theGovernment of the Republic of Kenya on Mutual Exemption of Visa for Holders ofDiplomatic and Service (official) Passports. Travelers who are in possession of a valid visa please fillout the entry cards (either in yellow or in blue). According to the laws andregulations in Kenya, Chinese travelers without visa can apply for a LandingVisa upon arrival at the counter of the Immigration Office at airports. Forthose who apply for a Landing Visa on arrival, both the entry cards and theApplication Form for Visa on Arrival (in white, A4 size, front and back) needto be filled out.


Wait in queue and pass through theclearance at the counter of the Immigration Office after filling out the forms.Immigration officers will ask questions, such as purpose of travel, duration ofstay and physical address in Kenya. Tourists coming to Kenya should presentdocuments such as round-trip flight tickets, hotel reservation form anditinerary in Kenya. Please get prepared in advance.


Duration of stay will be determined at thecounter by the Immigration Office on the spot. Please check after theimmigration officer put a stamp on it since the days approved are not fixed.Generally, m, w, d are used to refer to month, week and day. One needs to makean appropriate arrangement for the trip to avoid overstay in the countryillegally.


Travelers entering Kenya are required tohave fingerprints scanned at the counter of Immigration Office. Please followthe instructions.


According to Section 48, the KenyaCitizenship and Immigration Act (2011), an immigration officer shall have thepower "to require any person seeking to enter Kenya to answer any questionor to produce any document in his possession for the purpose of ascertainingwhether that person is or is not a

Kenya citizen, in the case of any personwho is not a citizen of Kenya, for the purpose of determining whether thatperson should be permitted to enter Kenya under this Act." Please abide bythe law.


Questions that might be inquired:


Purpose of travel.


Duration of stay.


Residence in Kenya. Tourists travelling toKenya, please show the hotel reservation form.


Please show an itinerary for travelling inKenya.


Please show round-trip flight tickets.


The fee for a Landing Visa is 50 USDollars. Please note that only the banknotes issued after the year 2000 will beaccepted.


You are not permitted to enter Kenya now.Please follow me to the office to take further inquiries.

(四)查验行李Baggage Inspection


Arriving passengers will come to the customsclearance zone after going through relevant formalities and collecting theirbaggage. A Kenya Customs officer has the power to examine any person's baggage,so please give your support.


Items that can be carried to Kenya byadults above the age of 18 are as follows:


Alcoholic beverage no more than 1 liter orblack wine no more than 2 liters.


Perfumes and cosmetics no more than 1liter, among which the perfumes should be no more than 250 ml.


Cigarettes, cigars or tobacco products lessthan 250g (one carton).


Cash no more than 5000 US Dollars, or itsequivalent in other foreign currencies.


Commercial goods, commodity samples orpromotional merchandise must be declared to the customs. Customs duty will becharged if the items mentioned above are not to be carried outside of Kenya.


List of articles that are prohibited to becarried into Kenya:


Wildlife products




Pornmaterials in diverse forms


White phosphorus matches




Animals, plants and wildlife products,biologics such as bacteria, blood and human tissues


Mercury products such as mercurythermometers


Questions that might be inquired:


Your baggage needs to be examined. Pleasecome here.


What items in your suitcase.


Do you have anything to declare?


Please open your suitcase.


You have violated the Kenya rules onprohibited items, so please come to the office to take further inquiries.



One will be in Kenya legally after goingthrough the customs clearance. If no one picks up you at the airport, pleasetake licensed taxis (parked at airport exit, marked with JKIA) to yourdestination. One can bargain with the taxi driver. Usually one need to pay 2000ksh or 3000 ksh if travelling from airport to city center.




According to the laws in Kenya, wildlifeproducts such as elephants' tusks, rhinoceros horns, boar tusks and furs areprohibited for purchase or carried out of the country. At Entry and Exit Portssuch as airports in Kenya, departing passengers' luggage will be examinedthoroughly. Once be found carrying the items listed above, one will face a heavyfine or even be imprisoned. Please abide by the relevant laws and regulationsto avoid unnecessary trouble. Meanwhile, do not carry baggage or items forstrangers. Security officers in airports have the right to open and check anypassenger's suitcase!


Questions that might be inquired:


Please open the suitcase and take inspection.


Prohibited items are found in your luggage, soplease come to the office to take further inquiries.



Receipts for purchased commodities in Kenyamust be kept on hand properly. After going through the initial security check,departing passengers will be picked randomly for baggage examination by Customsofficers.


如持一次入境签证(singlejournal visa),在肯停留超过90天,需在移民局总部进行注册,出境时肯方会查验注册材料。

After the baggage examination, please waitin line for the Immigration clearance. Exit travelers with single journey visastaying in Kenya for more than 90 days need to register with Immigration OfficeHeadquarter. The registration records should be presented when leaving thecountry.


There will be a second security check beforeboarding the aircraft. A passenger might be required to take off shoes andleather belt.    


Questions that might be inquired:


Please remove all items made of metal andplace them in the box.


Please untie belt.


Please take off shoes.


Please raise and stretch arms for pat-downsearch.